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HomeVAC sets a new standard for the industry. Your documents. Your reports. Your certificates. Your monitoring. Your inspections. Your experience. All in one file system that organises all that data into files and folders you can access with a click.

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Hygiene Certificates. Many insurance companies now make it a condition of cover that building managers have a planned maintenance strategy in place, and before paying out following a fire, they will insist on seeing evidence that ductwork cleaning has been carried out by producing a Post-Clean Report and Hygiene Certificate. Failure to comply can invalidate building insurance cover.

With File Store this eliminates the failure to comply with your building insurance and with all your files in the cloud, uploaded automatically from your contractors, you can access them anywhere and on any device.

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HomeVAC brings the LEXI to life in incredibly powerful and customisable ways. Intelligent suggestions appear just when you need them. And advanced technologies protect your privacy and security.

To provide transparency throughout HomeVAC, you can see when your next cleans are due and your next cleans that have been scheduled.

‘Your next clen is due’

Powered in a brand-new way. From the elegant interface, to intuitive analysis features and useful reporting, HomeVAC allows seamless communication between the sensor and web.

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‘‘Are you still waiting for your post clean report and hygiene certificate?’

We completely reimagined how clients should monitor their systems and built HomeVAC.

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